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In Memory Of My Beautiful Mother
Mom for the Website.jpg

My incredible, beautiful soul, Terri Sanders..founder of Glimpses Of Life Photography passed away April 12th 2020.


If you ever had the chance to work with know what a force of nature she was..she was the light of my life. My other half..the other half of my heart.


It gives me so much comfort knowing what a legacy she will leave. Not just with you all being able to look up at your walls with our photos hanging..but to smile and remember probably what was such a memorable session you had. Mom always had a way with making everyone laugh and making them feel comfortable for their session. She was so silly and didn't care what she had to do to get the shot. Jump..sing..roll on the name it, she's done it. Anything to get a giggle.


Thank you all for supporting her dream. Her dream to catch glimpses of you watch and live this life through the eyes of her lenses..whether it was watching a little one run..capturing a moment between two..her favorite moments were to sit back and be observe..and then for split second, capture a moment otherwise forgotten.


I hope you all can take a moment and look at photos from one of your sessions and smile.


 I want her to go on..her memory to live through past, present and future photographs. Everything she taught me.. I promise to do this for her.


There are so many clients that we have had the pleasure of watching grow many of your milestones are ours too.


We have always felt

so blessed to share these glimpses with you. 


I feel so lucky watching so many fall in love with not just her work, but her too during a session. You just couldn't help it.

Love and Light,


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